What Is The Role Of Photography In Internet Marketing?

Currently, we live in a very technologically-advanced era. Our lives have become a lot easier and more convenient with the introduction of things like smartphone, laptop, online doctor consultation and internet. We read our news online, buy goods online, find jobs online and even order foods online. Literally, everything is now done online and people are even marketing their goods and services in the internet with a hope of increasing their numbers of customers. However, many still ignore the crucial role played by photography in internet marketing.
Marketing is all about communicating and you should know that there is no other better way to communicate than with pictures and high-quality photographs. After all, we humans are more attracted to things that are visually appealing. Let’s face it, appearance is everything when it comes to marketing. So, you must be ready to acknowledge the fact that your product will not get much attention without some eye-catching photos.
Having said that, there are many important roles played by photographs in internet marketing. And if you want to learn about them, then keep on reading. Explained below are the 6 major roles of photography in internet marketing.
6 Roles of photography in internet marketing
1) Drives Sales
When your product looks good on the internet, the chances of the product getting sold increases tremendously. It has been proven that people are more likely to react positively towards something that catches their attention with some kind of visual effect.
You can try hiring a professional photographer or simply take photos of your products yourself with a DSLR to make sure that your product looks good. Once you have done that, you can rest assured that your sales will slowly increase as it gets promoted all over the web. So, you must make sure that you never ignore the importance of photography in internet marketing.
2) Gets Attention
Comparatively speaking, our minds react faster when it is trying to interpret information that is visually available in form of high-quality photographs. Whether we are outdoors enjoying a relaxing vacation with our families or planning a large marketing scheme for a brand company, we always have to make sure that we take some photographs which can be used later on for all sorts of purposes.
It can be as simple as getting a like in a Facebook post or in other social media like Instagram and Snapchat. As long as people like your product, you don’t have to worry about anything else.
3) Increases Engagement
A professional, modern looking photograph can immediately grab someone’s attention without using any kind of cheap trick. When it comes to pitching and selling your product online, people rarely read the description and features of the product unless and until the product is showcased properly with a good-looking photograph.
When you have a product that stands out from the rest, you will be able to get in touch with large number of potential customers who are willing to look into your product and buy them for their personal use.
4) Adds Viral Options
Studies have shown that 80 percent of information deciphered by our brains is totally visual as even our minds prefer visual connotations over simple plain texts. Eye-catching photographs convey a message to potential customers that these products are really worth buying.
Basically, what I mean to say is that, even if your product offers great features and benefits to your customers, you won’t be able to sell your goods online if those products don’t look good professionally. Moreover, having a unique photo can sometime make your product go viral with thousands of people sharing your products and goods online via your photographs.
5) Improves Nonverbal Communication
There are so many entertaining things online for us to watch and get involved with. So, no one wants to spend their time reading a lengthy description of a product that they are not willing to buy.
For this reason, you need to make sure that your product can sell without using any striking fonts and letters. And to do so, you will need high-quality photographs that attract potential customers within a few seconds. Why waste time writing a long monologue about your product when you can simply take a nice photo to communicate with your customers.
6) Influences Emotion & Solicits Action
Take a look at the website of some of the world’s top richest companies and what you will notice is that they only use stunning pictures and videos to showcase their products to their clients. They do not overdo it by designing unnecessary features into their website but rather focus on promoting their products by using superfluous images.
Just take Apple for an example. Apple hires talented digital imaging media experts who can sell their products by influencing emotions of their customers with beautiful photographs that are clicked from various angles.
These are the top 6 roles played by photography in internet marketing. Perhaps by now, you must have understood that without photographs, your products won’t be able to bring in any customers. Therefore, photography has become a very important tool to promote products and services online.

All About about using technology to get better images

There are lots of things to be added to the website to make
its visual appearance great and attractive. Like botox for great looking. One of those is to make use of good images which must look visually attractive and must carry some information in them as well. Only text-based websites are less attractive to users as compared to websites using images. So using good image will allow the users to better understand your website and will enhance the visual appearance level of the website causing the visitors to go through other pages of the website as well.

Images are used in many ways over the website, and one way
to use the image is to use one explaining all the information needed to be
provided to the user. There is a common trend among website designers to make use of any stock images available over the web. When talking about internet marketing value of the website, this is not going to be beneficial anymore.
This is a thing which needs to be stopped to use the website to avoid getting
negative effects.

There are several things associated with this kind of images
which may not be good for your website if you are using those. One thing is
that it may come under violation of copyright act which has originally used
those. It may cause any legal action against you putting you in a big problem.
Another bad thing is that these types of images may look boring to the users
and may contain less information in them as well. Professional looking images do not attract so many users these days, and this may lose some users from your  website.

Latest search engine optimization technique includes
optimizing the images in a way to get natural traffic which converts as well.
Amateur pictures which may not be glamorous necessarily, but must look true to real life are liked more these days by the users. SEO Companies are  doing this for their client websites, and they are getting great results as well. These companies are replacing old style images with these new ones. The new ones are having some special qualities including consistency, professionalism, informative and sharing the whole story, showing off the benefits of your products and many other things that allow the visitors to laugh and understand the things very easily.


Very often it can be seen that a website that has very
modest content and a few images, takes eternally long time to download. Images that have been included on the website and then re-sized in the website design course instead of using an image editing software. In such a case what essentially happens is that it is telling the browser to re-size the image on the fly. This generates a lot of extra job for the browser, and the whole site takes unnecessary extra time to download.

Reasons that prompt the need for optimizing images in web

First and foremost is that it creates an improved user
experience; no one wants to linger on large images to load. Particularly in the age of lightening fast internet speed. In the earlier days when there was
dial-up, it was just how things were, long waits for websites to load. But in
the present time, users are accustomed to expecting a fast load time. And if
you have a massive file that hasn’t been optimized for the web your visitors
are for certain going to rebound off your website and on another website of the same niche.

Keep in mind the importance of high search engine rankings
which gives better visibility online. Google offers brownie points to sites
that have high-speed load times. This means they will aid the website over
another in the search listings if you are quicker than your competitor.

Tips For Optimizing Images

Resizing the image is a comparatively easy task. Nearly all
image editing software allows you to re-size the picture and simultaneously to set the pixels to 72ppi, coupled with width and height dimensions. Though this reduces the file size, it is not the best or most successful way to optimise the images for uploading on a website.

Photoshop has a helpful element named ‘Save For Web’. It has
several controls and lets you evaluate the original image to the optimized
edition. It also lets you exchange between file formats and gives you the yield size for your optimized picture.

Other software’s like Fireworks, Paintshop Pro, lets you
select the “quality” of the JPEG image as you try to save an image
file. Usually, a setting of 8 to 10 or even “medium” to
“high” quality is comparatively satisfactory, as it will preserve the
quality of the image while saving it in lesser file size.

Quality Microstock Photographs Sell Like Hot Cakes

Photos are usually thrilling. There is always a limitless desire to click limitless photos around varied areas that we come across world wide. Unquestionably, this really is one of the key factors that stir up the particular zeal intended for photography. Microstock photography
has developed as a successful occupation with years. It is not just restricted by recording standard images rather it is an industry that may be increasing at full pace. A lot of youngsters prosper inside the photography sector and attempt testing different areas with it. Microstock photography has additionally opened up the actual gate for various photography fans to come into the stock photography industry.


Development of Microstock Photography

Microstock photography has aided many people who don’t get pleasure from employed in 9 to 5 job environment. A lot of youngsters are generally crazy about photography currently and they wish to flourish higher than a weekend photographer. These people capture photos which are unique as well as would definitely want to turn these to funds to take it as their full time occupation.

There are numerous Microstock agencies often enthusiastic to get the particular unique as well as amazing pictures. They purchase your photos for money. There are plenty of ways to get in contact with reputable Microstock photography companies. Foremost, photographers can browse web to know the right stock photography sites on Internet. List the web sites where you suppose your work will get acknowledgement and apply there 1 by 1. A current portfolio is required to apply.

Crucial grounds of Microstock Photography

Discussing Microstock photographs, there are 3 key grounds to bring out the inclusive desire for it including: Monetary value; sovereignty; and edification.

Microstock is at no cost to involve you and there won’t be any frenzied long working hours associated with them, you’re your own boss and
no work deadlines.

Microstock compensates with large funds which is of a good deal regarding normal photography.


Microstock can also be an immense methods to train your self if you’re curious in mastering with regards to the marketable elevation of
digital photography. Tanner J fox amazon seller mastery would have lots to say about this; before that read the following few suggestions to step in Microstock photography market

Let’s take a look at few recommendations getting started with
the particular microstock photograph market including:

Widespread sales arena is snapping here to begin generating wealth through the photography sitting still on your computer. Regrettably this isn’t true. Do check out your current limitations along with likings, Evaluate which sells, produce those images, and stay tasteful regarding your participation.

1. Contemplate on your current workflow. Perform self-investigation and filter your current work load to achieve the top quality images.

2. Intensive study is the actual key to success.

3. Microstock is hot business. And whenever you are the preeminent all round artist then you have won the actual battle.

4. Key word: Precise keywords could make your own pictures reach on peak.

5. Photograph cleaning and enhancements: Ensure that your microstock photographs don’t enclose any kind of brand objects in them.

6. Uploading photographs: Last but not the least is always to upload your current photographs on the available microstock photo website.

7. Appropriate submission: Once you have uploaded your photographs on various microstock photo web sites, you will need to create the finishing improvements directly on site if needed.

Microstock photography comes up as a successful business within these recent years. However, many achievements are anticipated in coming
years inside photography as a vocation.

Tips to Consider When Choosing CCTV Cameras For Surveillance at Schools

CCTV Cameras are popularly used in commercial and official establishments such as schools. They are designed for monitoring and surveillance purposes. CCTV Industrial Cameras and CCTV hidden cameras, for example, are used to monitor the activities and happenings inside factories and similar work environments. With these, business owners will be able to keep an eye on how their employees work and also they can address any issues with regards to safety and security as well. While these cameras are used for businesses; in example who make printing magnets, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for homes as well. In fact, many security companies have started producing CCTV home cameras too! Now, homeowners can also benefit from using these types of cameras in their home.


A closed-circuit television (CCTV) system works like a normal transmission procedure would; it has a mounted security camera which captures every move within the radius and transmits it to a PC or a television screen. There is a bundle of options in the market which will make your choice difficult. For those who are looking for CCTV cams and equipment for schools, you need to consider a few important things first before making any purchase. They are as follows:


For your CCTV Cameras to be useful, you need to make sure that they have good resolution. There are CCTV cameras for sale out there that can capture colored-videos and there are also those that can capture HD quality videos as well. The advantage of high-resolution cameras over the low-res varieties is that you will be able to get clearer images. This is a good thing especially if you want to get a good look at people coming in and out of the school.


Where you place, the cameras can significantly affect the way you surveillance the school. It is important that you place these cameras in strategic locations around the school. For instance, installing CCTV outdoor cameras on the entrance and exit points of the school is an efficient way for you to deter burglars and thieves from getting in. The moment they notice the presence of CCTV Cameras on your entrance and exit points, where you can put warning signs. They’ll be reluctant to break into the school and move to another target instead. Using CCTV fake cameras outdoors can work as a deterrent too!


When shopping for a CCTV cam for schools, you also need to consider whether it is equipped with the functions and features necessary to keeping the school protected. For instance, there are wired and CCTV wireless cameras and cameras equipped with night vision functions. Then, there are also those that make use of motion-detection technology and CCTV cameras with audio as well.

Some of the basic features of CCTV cameras which every potential buyer should pay attention to are firstly the video cameras zoom lens, this depends on the placement of the handheld camera and the area you want it to surveillance. Secondly, the receiving equipment which device would you refer- a monitor or the television set for viewing. How far is the device from the sender and the wireless option works best as it allows ease of use? Thirdly the picture quality, the color ones have taken the market share as they produce better footage compared to the black and grainy ones.

The fourth one will control that will enhance the video rendered and keep intruders at bay. Not every day will you have it sunny even when the weather conditions are deteriorating it should be possible to use controls such as focus, magnification, brightness, the contrast to get a clear monitoring. The fifth consideration is to cover the moves of any one eaves dropper even in no light. It should provide the enlarged view of an image under the camera.

If you want to get your hands on the best CCTV cameras and want to know where the best place to buy CCTV cameras is, consider checking out reviews online. Some reviews can provide helpful information on companies and shops that sell quality and offer CCTV surveillance cameras installation services as well.

Having a CCTV camera installed in your residential and commercial areas is not a new thing. Times have changed, and this security surveillance has become more than a necessity today. These days the world is faced with many potential hazards be it in your home or work place, everyone wants to prevent them.

Digital Age Videography

21st-century videography is a highly sophisticated process. It involves the use of complex equipment and some serious photography and video editing expertise. But in the digital age, a neat set of skills is often not enough: a good videographer first needs to know understand his role and intentions; and then his camera; from lens to focus.

Videography vs Cinematography

Videography and cinematography were once tantamount concepts but change rapidly due to technological advances and the advent of internet a few decades ago. Today videography and cinematography are two separate things; one focusing on moving image recording for various purposes, and the other on film shooting for case-specific purposes. Cinematography may deal with more abstract ideas, and it usually conveys a pre-determined message to the public. Its ends are mostly, but not always, commercial. They still have one thing in common though: they both make use of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. These are unique in the way they enable users to switch between still and video quickly.

What do videographers do?

Videographers often work on their own or are part of a small group of professional working on the same project. They are essentially cameramen hired to shoot product commercials, social events like weddings or parties, process digital animation, games, security imaging, videos of various kinds, etc. A videographer may even occupy him or herself as a video artist. For example, they may pursue ocean videography and use their work on Dallas web design.

Ocean Videography in the digital age

Underwater video recording used to be problematic for many reasons. Most of those limitations were lifted through technological achievements; like automatic large-view camcorders, dome ports, long-life batteries, wide-angle lens and enhanced-feature video cameras. There is one last obstacle, however: there is not enough light underwater, especially at great depths. The early ancestors of waterproof cameras particularly were very difficult to manipulate and produced extremely low-quality videos.

Our century may have welcomed light-sensitive equipment, but underwater video operations can still be a handful to those involved. Professional machinery still needs a helping hand to perform at maximum efficacy. That helping hand comes in the form of a second light source; like a watertight torch. A little goes a long way, and a few rays of artificial light are enough to bring out the color contrast in the mermaid kingdom. It seems like there are secrets in the ocean world it doesn’t want us to know. Yet.

Notable artists and famous works

1. Christian Marclay is a multi-talented video artist that dabbles in almost every kind of visual and acoustic arts since a very young age. Newsweek went so far as to name him one of the ten most important artists of today. Marclay is known for his propensity to shock the public with his work.

His goal is to take different but common sound and visual pieces and stitch them up together into something completely new and foreign; perhaps to make us think about the way we think. Because, just like 20th-century sociologist Theodor Adorno said, “the task of art today is to bring chaos into order”.

Marclay’s most influential work is perhaps The Clock, a 24-hour film composed of fragments of other films featuring clocks and time. The whole video can be considered a “recorded clock,” as it follows every minute of every hour of an entire day. It’s almost scary. The Clock is now considered a classic.

bjork2. Andrew Thomas Huang is an LA based videographer and a close associate of singer Bjork. If you’re wondering who was the brains behind Bjork’s “Stonemilker, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQEyezu7G20  ” look no further. Huang’s interests mainly focus on experimental video making, incorporating cinematography and videography both.

In 2007 Huang filmed Doll Face, an unsettling film about the way TV manipulates and distorts our sense of self-worth and self-image. The video went viral on youtube and was much critically acclaimed. Five years later, Huang made Solipsist, a three part fantasy film lacking narrative. Its theme concerns how humans are inter-connected to each other, and the planet that accommodates them. Rich in visual material, the film is a surreal mesmerizing experience that leaves the viewer with a feeling of bliss.

As the world gets more and more digital, transformations in the world of videography are things we will continue to witness for much longer. The relentless efforts by artists in this field will ensure there is always a new element in the world of image production.

Drone Videography: The revolution

It is 2017, what is more hip and artsy than yoga with sloths? Drone Videography. It is also more engaging and interactive than any other type of video in history. The angles and landscapes that a videographer can capture with drone videography is straight up crazy.
So let me get into why this revolution is a trend that any millennial should hop on in 2017. Learning how to be a videographer can be tough and can require years and years of higher education to get to a place where you are actually making a decent living. But drone videography is special in that its learning curve is much kinder to the average joe. Once you get a certified license and prove that you know what you are doing, it will not be hard to land freelance jobs even as a younger professional.
One of my favorite in the industry is Global Video HQ, based out of Dallas, Texas. Global Video is killing the game for their clients. They do many real estate walkthroughs and provide footage for big events as well. They would be a great place for someone trying to get into the industry to intern at and learn/network a lot. They are kind hearted people that do a great professional service. They have incredible reviews and do not seem to be disappointing their clients.
Another reason drone videography has taken off, is that it is very fun. Who doesn’t wanna fly a remote control helicopter in the first place. To top that off, you are videoing from it! I am not artistic but that for sure stirs my creative juices.
Even if you do not want to do drone videography as a profession, It still seems like a great hobby for anyone wanting to also be proficient in a valuable skill. Who wouldn’t want to have the ability to go outside and video their family excursion to the park or family vacation to the bahamas. The possibilities are endless, highlight videos for the family would be taken to a whole new level if more people started investing in drones that have cameras on them.
The funny thing is that many people face big challenges with drones, and those challenges can be costly. If one does not know how to fly a drone upon acquisition, there is a chance that their nice, very high end piece of equipment, will get ruined within minutes. If they are trying to film professionally but in all honesty do not have very good flying skills, the video will look shaky as hell and nobody will be impressed.
So to wrap things up, here are some things to keep in mind when deciding where or not you want to take up videography, with a drone as a hobby or profession:
Do you enjoy flying things? If so, then you’d probably like this.Do you enjoy capturing priceless moments with video? If so, you would really like drone videography.If you do no like any of these things then the chances are, you need to pick a different hobby bro.

Photographing and Displaying Wild Animals Pictures

If you have some empty frames that you would like to fill, a good way can be to take some wildlife photographs. Even city dwellers might take opportunities to photograph critters, like the birds that nest outside of the high rise office building windows. Wildlife can be either truly wild, living on its own, or it may be within the charge of humans, like animals in a zoo or aquarium. No matter where they live, wildlife may become a very nice subject for any amateur photographer. Yes, your journey to the local zoo can yield shots that are so memorable you’ll find yourself trying to find picture frames to display them.

otterGetting Wild Animals Pictures
Wild animals shots can be a bit harder to get than traditional subjects. It is not very easy to request one of the animals to smile and say “cheese.” However the time and energy spent in taking wildlife shots may be truly worthwhile if you end up having memorable shots that you love. The ideas which follow will help you shoot and capture beautiful wildlife images with ease:

• When you take pictures of wildlife, don’t just limit yourself to head shots. A much better image includes the surroundings the animal lives in, along with the animal itself. This gives a feeling of place to your photograph, and in many instances, the environment is quite spectacular anyway. Allow the background of the wildlife photographs to become an important part of the overall composition of the picture while still giving significance to your wildlife subject.

• Don’t be afraid to shoot wildlife photos from the car. At times you are going to be able to approach an animal when walking to take the picture, but it often is going to be scared off when you’re getting close. Animals that reside in such places as national parks are often used to seeing vehicles, and the animals won’t feel threatened while you are within the vehicle.

• When possible, make use of a tripod. If it is not possible to bring a tripod along, then use some support to take the best wildlife shots.

• Choose the best time of day to shoot your subject. If your chosen wildlife subject may be shot when you can find ambient lighting conditions present, this is the best time for you to shoot outdoor shots, period. Avoid taking snapshots of wildlife in direct sunlight in the middle of the day. In fact, shooting in the shade is ideal, because it allows the object to retain its subtle relationship between light and dark.

• If you would like to capture sharp images in low light, consider buying an image stabilization lens. This will lessen the level of movement when the camera is in your hands, which results in top quality photographs.

wild animalsDisplaying Your Wild Animals Photography
The very best way to display your wildlife photographs is in matted picture frames. Once they are properly framed, a wildlife photograph is a superb way to add an exciting feel to the interior space. Whether you decide to display wildlife photos on the desk, mantel, side table, or other position in the home or office, the best shots in carefully chosen picture frames can be a beautiful addition to your décor.

Taking pictures of wild animals and then displaying your best wildlife shots in picture frames might be extraordinarily rewarding.

Black And White Photography

Key Concepts Which Is a Part And Parcel of Black And White Photography

Although colour photography is in vogue now but there are a good number of photographers who are fond of black and white photography. They click photos and convert the same to the black and white mode in the post-production stage. There is nothing wrong in following this technique but the only issue is it is quite time consuming. Thus, rather than converting coloured pictures into black and white, it is always better in shooting them in the black and white mode in the very first place.

Black and white is more captivating

black-whiteBlack and white images in reality can actually look more captivating and stunning compared to the colour equivalent. In fact colour in a photo can at times become a distraction, thus removing this will aid to re-focus the attention of the viewers on the intended theme. Not all are well-versed in this mode so to help them below are some golden tips. By developing familiarity with these will help a photo hobbyist in capturing more informed shots in black and white while the same can also be applied for improving their colour photos.

The 5 key concepts

Photography in black and white can be boiled down largely into the following five key concepts. These include,

Lighting– this is one of the key ingredients of a truly impressive black and white image as it will affect everything from texture, pattern, contrast and shape. While considering the lighting, a photographer should lay emphasis on how the lighting will influence these elements and likewise select a setup which will improve as much as possible.

Texture– texture may be lost in coloured images. When a person views a colour photo, immediately his/her mind will begin identifying and labelling the components in the scene indicating that they do not view the image but rather see their mind’s analysis of it. In case of a black and white image, the mind does not have the colour information for working with, thus pays more focus to components such as texture, thereby making it appear more prominent.

Pattern– most patterns especially the subtle ones go unnoticed often in colour photos owing to the fact that colours draw away the attention from the pattern. Black and white mode will give the photographer a better chance to capture interesting patterns as it focuses the attention of the viewer on the shapes created by the components in a scene.

Contrast– devoid of differences in colour for separating components in the scene, a photographer rather should introduce contrasting shades in their black and white images. He/she can use contrast for helping their key subject stand out.

Form and shape– when colour is removed from a photo, a person can no longer depend on it for offering interest or for that matter a focal point within the scene. It can be obvious yet can be forgotten easily. Shape and form are crucial in case of black and white images. When looking for proper shots, the photographer should see beyond the colours and give more importance to the shapes. He should organize it in a way which will help to highlight the shape’s most interesting aspect or create a fascinating composition of varied shapes.

Photography in black and white provides a unique perception on many subjects. Taking colour away will work wonders in bringing out the veiled shapes, textures and details. Simply follow the aforementioned photography tips and get going.

Who is the best in the Houston Photography Industry?

The Industry Created By Photography

Images and Photographs, what do we call the things we capture with our camera phones, DSLRs, Point and shoot devices? What do we really want when we take a snap of that reality we want to cherish, and that moment we want to be saved? Are we really on that part of life where people just look at Photography as a world that is dying? Are we really having these thoughts? Are we doing something about it? Are we still doing something to save it? Or we just do not care at all. Are you? Am I?


Photographs, people whether students, professors, teens, adults, and photographers are those who can take hold of these. With just a tap on their phones, a click on their cameras a single wave of hand, moments can be captured. So many memories have been taken by these actions. People tell us that only photographers have the full right to take hold of these. We forgot that photos are made for everyone, that photos are designed to be looked upon by everyone. Photos should be free to be witnessed by everyone. This is not just a simple point and shoot thing. It is also a form of art, a form of expression. Some people only see these as a way to have a souvenir whenever we travel, a recollection of how exactly the place you went to looks like.


Images, these are representations or likeness of a person or a thing. This may be a person or a thing that resembles another copy. This is a mental picture of ideas that have been written, painted or even spoken aloud. What does this has to do with photographs? That is the beauty about art. Sometimes we see things that we thought are not designed to be placed in a certain place, in a certain category, or in a distinct form. Most of the time, we see art as it is. We tend to follow the rules. We tend to set our minds to the policies that were created. But really, do you think artists will settle with the rules? Of course they will not. People who settle by the rules created by society are not worthy to be called Alisa Murray Photography artists’. It is a continuous process of learning, expanding, exploring and rule-breaking.

You may be wondering what this thought has to do with this article? As mentioned, images may be a person or a thing that resembles another copy. Do paintings, sculptures, and mirrors suit this definition? Yes it does. Any form of resemblance or representations, these can be done by the greatest painters, sculptors or just the primary function of mirrors. It is funny that we think that only photos taken by our cameras are the only ones we have to acknowledge as part of the photography world.



The Industry

Enough of the long introduction and let us delve into the real issue here. The industry of photography has been drastically losing hope. The different known companies that are involved in the world of photography seem to have felt the drastic change, the sudden evolution, and the sudden re-construction of how this system works. Started as an analog industry, slowly being turned into digital, the technological upgrade science offers us is one of the catalysts why the photography world is slowly dying. Let us try to look at it this way.


Photography is like us humans. It has been born just like a baby. It set foot in our world when Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, a romantic painter and a printmaker who was the proprietor of Diorama. Diorama is a popular tableau that specializes on theatrical paintings, and light effects. This invention by the romantic painter was called Daguerreotype’ The birth of photography which started out as a highly-polished, silver-plated sheet of copper that resembles one-of-a-kind image. This is the first step towards the introduction of modern photography.


From Pictures being called as the daguerreotype, it soon transformed then Henry Fox Talbot, an English botanist and mathematician, refined paper to light with a special form of solution (silver salt). The botanist then exposed the paper to the light that made the background of it black, and turning the subjects of the image into variations of grey. This invention was considered as a negative image. Basically, a negative image reverses the light and the shadows to reconstruct a detailed picture in a special type of paper. Eventually it was named as the Calotype’

Flexible Roll Film

George Eastman covered the early childhood days of photography. The evolution from Daguerreotype to Calotype then later soon became a Flexible Roll Film’ during the year of 1889. This invention became the most durable at that time as it is very flexible yet unbreakable. In addition to that, Eastman’s creativity could be rolled. If people during that time plan on capturing photos, this is the most convenient way to do it.

Digital Camera

Skipping the life cycle of Photography’, this has evolved from producing images manually to capturing them in a more high-tech way. The first electronic digital camera was introduced to the public during 1984. Up to date, this is what most of the people use. But for this instance, the chance of having a saved photograph drastically increased. Not only professional users are allowed to possess such cameras but this time, even people who are not in the practice are given access to.

It is nice to see how the world of photography has evolved. But it also gives us that feeling of doubt, that maybe, this evolution of cameras should never even have occurred. Seeing this in a technical way, the flow of life running through the growth of this industry scares a lot of people. Best Houston Photography seems to always want something new, this desire to receive different variations of invention become a poison to the industry. But are we really just going to settle on that mind-set that The World of Photography’ is slowly turning into ashes? Just like every other species living in Earth, one must have the capability to adjust, and to adapt from a dangerous threat being offered by the world. Choose whether you will stick to the thought that this invention will be dead in a few years, or do something about it become a beacon of hope for this industry.

Value in Photography Excellence

Excellence-Its not given its earned.

The world’s greatest hobby is photography. Today everyone has a camera, but a lot of potentially good settings go to waste through lack of experience and knowledge. With a little help, our holiday snaps can become great images to share with your friends and family.

These days, everyone has a digital camera and the concept of taking reasonable images is quite simple, thanks to the higher spec of cameras – but how many people know exactly what makes a good picture?

Knowing what makes a good image will result in improvements in your photography.A good photograph should have a theme. The theme of the photograph should be clear and simple. The theme in most types of photography is the model or the subject that you are shooting. You must focus attention on your subject to make that image perfect. Most great images are simplified by removing any unwanted material in the background that might take from the subject.

A good image should be sharp and in focus – and thanks to digital technology most new decent cameras will do this for you. Understand your camera settings to get the maximum results. All new cameras will have standard auto-focusing settings.

Your images can be brought to an even higher standard by using light correctly. Light transforms everything – it creates a mood in an image, and also adds impact. Once you can understand how to use light correctly, you will soon start to see an improvement in your pictures.

There are three things to consider when looking at the light: strength, direction, and color.

Strength: Cloudy days brought soft and defused the light. Light can be very harsh and too bright at midday when the sun is high in the sky. Low light at sunrise and sunset is warm and good for adding mood to images.

Direction: Refers to light placement. There are three main categories of light placement: front lighting, backlighting, and side lighting. Side-lighting produces many texture between light and shade. Frontal lighting can be too harsh and backlighting can be tough to control and does not always add to an image.

Colour: the color of sunlight varies depending on conditions and time of day. Sunshine at the beginning or the end of the day is the most dramatic and therefore make the best time to take images – the color of the light will be more warmer, and will lead to much more mood in your scene.

One of the most rewarding aspects that any person can take from photography is the manner in which we learn to see different objects through a light. Light and the way we use light is so crucial – this is as important in portrait photography as it is in any other type of photography.

Photography is a powerful means of storing memories. The key to capturing these memories through photography is how we combine the elements of light and good photography techniques. Creating everlasting memories that are worth viewing time after time is priceless.