Drone Videography: The revolution

It is 2017, what is more hip and artsy than yoga with sloths? Drone Videography. It is also more engaging and interactive than any other type of video in history. The angles and landscapes that a videographer can capture with drone videography is straight up crazy.
So let me get into why this revolution is a trend that any millennial should hop on in 2017. Learning how to be a videographer can be tough and can require years and years of higher education to get to a place where you are actually making a decent living. But drone videography is special in that its learning curve is much kinder to the average joe. Once you get a certified license and prove that you know what you are doing, it will not be hard to land freelance jobs even as a younger professional.
One of my favorite in the industry is Global Video HQ, based out of Dallas, Texas. Global Video is killing the game for their clients. They do many real estate walkthroughs and provide footage for big events as well. They would be a great place for someone trying to get into the industry to intern at and learn/network a lot. They are kind hearted people that do a great professional service. They have incredible reviews and do not seem to be disappointing their clients.
Another reason drone videography has taken off, is that it is very fun. Who doesn’t wanna fly a remote control helicopter in the first place. To top that off, you are videoing from it! I am not artistic but that for sure stirs my creative juices.
Even if you do not want to do drone videography as a profession, It still seems like a great hobby for anyone wanting to also be proficient in a valuable skill. Who wouldn’t want to have the ability to go outside and video their family excursion to the park or family vacation to the bahamas. The possibilities are endless, highlight videos for the family would be taken to a whole new level if more people started investing in drones that have cameras on them.
The funny thing is that many people face big challenges with drones, and those challenges can be costly. If one does not know how to fly a drone upon acquisition, there is a chance that their nice, very high end piece of equipment, will get ruined within minutes. If they are trying to film professionally but in all honesty do not have very good flying skills, the video will look shaky as hell and nobody will be impressed.
So to wrap things up, here are some things to keep in mind when deciding where or not you want to take up videography, with a drone as a hobby or profession:
Do you enjoy flying things? If so, then you’d probably like this.Do you enjoy capturing priceless moments with video? If so, you would really like drone videography.If you do no like any of these things then the chances are, you need to pick a different hobby bro.

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